Course Description


Lab 01: Introduction to MATLAB and $\rm\LaTeX$

Lab 02: Variables, Arrays and Scripts

Lab 03: Functions and Control Flows

Lab 04: Plotting Data

Lab 05: Formatting Output and Generating Tables

Lab 06: LU Decomposition

Lab 07: Debugging & Good Coding Practices

Lab 08: MATLAB Interpolation Routines and their Derivatives

Lab 09: Ill-Conditioned Matrices and Finite Precision Arithmetic

Lab 10: MATLAB 3D Plots

Lab 11: MATLAB Integration Routines & Gauss Quadrature

Lab 12: Romberg Integration

Lab 13: Random Numbers, Histogram & Monte Carlo Integration

Lab 14: Built-in ODE Solvers in MATLAB


Windows Instructions

  1. Go to “This PC”, create a folder named “Math.3341” under “HomeDrive-UserFiles(H:).
  2. Drag the folder icon of “Math.3341” to “Quick access”.
  3. Go to “Quick Access”, click the folder “Math.3341”.
  4. Download the above labs to “Download”.
  5. Unzip the downloaded file: right click on the icon -> “Extract All” -> “Browse…” -> “Math.3341” at “Quick access” -> “Select Folder” -> “Extract”.
  6. Open MATLAB, locate the current working directory to the current lab folder, e.g., type “cd H:\Math.3341\Math.3341.Lab.01” in the Command Window to change the working directory.

Overleaf Instructions

  1. Go to Overleaf and create an account.
  2. Click to the overleaf template link.
  3. “Menu” (up left corner) - “Copy Project”.
  4. Go to “LaTeX/meta.tex” to change section you are in and your name, e.g., change “Math 3341-00” to “Math 3341-01”.
  5. Once you finish the exercises, please upload output files “lab_01_output.txt” to the folder “src” on Overleaf. Double check the name are identical to the given above. Otherwise, Overleaf/LaTeX cannot compile the .tex file.
  6. LaTeX.Mathematical.Symbols.pdf

Submission Requirements

Submit the generated .pdf file on WyoCourses.

MATH 3340 Homework Templates